Strongly influenced by her grandmother, who was one of the first businesswomen in the 1950’s to be involved in real-estate development, Rita Chraibi found a passion for architecture and interior design. She has promoted luxurious residential projects in major cities across Europe and North Africa. She also graduated from one of the world’s leading schools of design, Camondo, in Paris. She then followed in her grandma’s footsteps and launched  International Designers LLC which regroups the most talented architects and interior designers around the world.

The quality of her designs and her masterful space management have made her stand out from the crowd in Europe and North Africa. Her french influence is highly appreciated in places where an “art de vivre” is invaluable. Creating, designing, planning and executing luxurious residential projects, Rita carries with her the lessons she learned from her grandmother and always carries out her work with the upmost diligence and attention to detail, making International Designers a must in the world of interior design.


For each project Rita Chraibi undertakes, she invests a vital importance in the creative process and extracting the most potential out of a space. This process begins the same way for every project; just as a painter starts with a blank canvas, Rita imagines and creates a new universe : each one unique and innovative.To Rita, natural light is an essential source of inspiration for the completion of a project: “A ray of light breathes in life… I am invested in providing a space filled with light that penetrates every inch of space and reflects across a kaleidoscope of shadows. It is an invaluable aspect of interior design and literally illuminates the beauty of the product”. As a designer, Rita Chraibi is gifted with boundless imagination and above all, the capacity to bring her vision into reality: “I believe this is a career where you must sometimes isolate yourself in order to let your creativity take control. What is also important and recurring in each project is that we must always maintain a clear equilibrium between allowing yourself to power through any inhibitions in your imagination while maintaining a coherent understanding of what is achievable”.


Inspiration is primordial in this career : originality and creativity are sine qua non. As such, Rita Chraibi uses her imagination with elegance and refinement to mark projects with her signature style : “I find inspiration everywhere : sometimes in the abstract state of nature, or more concrete matters such as a simple object or picture… Often, I need only look within myself to find what I need; inspiration is erratic and fluid, constantly fleeting yet always within reach”.

Rita starts her projects as new scenarios in order to stage them; the entire scenography of the place is concretized through what is expected for the realization of the project. “Personally, I need each project to tell a story : to create a storyboard. I loathe repetition and having a routine to follow : I challenge myself to always be creative and defy any limitation I may have. To always strive towards excellence”.