Luxury Interior Design Miami : Is it worth investing ? 

Luxury interior design miami

A journey to the heart of architecture and Luxury Interior Design. 


Why do we buy a house ? Is it to live in it ? Sleep in it ? Eat in it ? Because we got married ? Or because we just want to have a permanent place to stay in ? If so, why do people always spend days, weeks and months to find the right house ? Why do people ask for specific house designs ? Or sometimes even Luxury interior design ? Big enlightened windows ? luxurious modern furniture ?  Or Paintings worth millions of dollars to put on their living room walls ?

The answer is simple : It’s all about experiencing spaces. It’s powerful, essential and affects how we see our home, how we live, work and play in it. Some say a comfortable home can heal the broken souls. In this article, we will travel together in the world of modern interior design, contemporary design and architecture-design industry, to discover together the secrets of modern interior decoration and how it changes our experience of living in a house. 


Luxurious Interior Design is nothing but an art


Many years ago I met someone very rich in a museum in Paris, He was looking at one of De vinci’s famous paintings  called “La joconde”, And I heard him saying “I’m ready to pay one Billion dollars to have this painting, It is the very centerpiece that will make the living room design of my residence just perfect”

I replied “Excuse me sir, I have one question for you if you don’t mind. Why do you spend so much money to just have some luxurious interior design ?”

He smiled and responded “Luxury interior design isn’t just a simple house decoration, it’s an art and art is our only proof of existence on earth. One day I’ll die, and sure you’ll too, but art, never.” 


Luxury Interior Design in Miami


Miami is one the most beautiful cities in the world, with beautiful beaches, great weather, history, culture, sports and entertainment. Miami is also known for its luxurious real estate, apartments, villas and houses by the sea with the best modern designs. Modern interior architecture at the forefront of real estate innovation, breathtaking decorations, royal residences with architectural and aesthetic designs that make you believe you are in some wonderland. But who is behind this magnificent architecture? Who deserves the credit for all these incredible interior decorations and these luxury interior designs?


International Designers : The innovator of modern interior design in Miami


Well, one of the interior design firms which continuously innovates and always brings brilliant room design ideas the best solutions of modern and Luxurious interior designs is : International Designers By Rita Chraibi

Best interior designers in miami

Rita Chraibi discovered her passion for architecture and design at an early age. As the granddaughter of one of Morocco’s pioneering women in real estate development of the 1950s, she followed in her grandmother’s footsteps after graduating from Ecole Camondo School of Architecture & Design in Paris.

The architect Rita launched the interior design company International Designers by Rita Chraibi in 2013, introducing her Eur

opean design expertise and French “Art de Vivre” influence through modern, luxury designs to residential and hospitality projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Today, International designers is one of the best Luxury Interior design firms in Miami. According to Rita, isolation is the key.



“I believe this is a career where you must sometimes isolate yourself in order to let your creativity take control”
Rita Chraibi.



Why invest in a luxurious interior design ? 


For many people House and Home mean the same thing, yet it is not. A house is just a physical space, in which you can sleep, eat and shower. The same thing you can do in a hotel room, in your parent’s place, in your friend’s house. Yet the question is, do you really feel safe, comfortable or happy in your friend’s house or in a hotel room ?   

To make a house a home, is to convert the physical space into one where we feel safe, comfortable and loved with our family. It gives meaning to just that house and makes it really belong to you. Houses can be of many different shapes and sizes, but a home is the feeling you get when you are living in it. 

A good luxury interior design will make your house a home, where you actually prefer to spend more time at. You will likely prefer to invite friends over rather than entertain outside, which is a costly affair and more peaceful. 

A decently renovated home interior based on a modern interior decor gives you a feel-good factor all the time. It energizes your soul and your home. I have come across homes where the interior design fit-out, decorating, renovation and the home design are costlier than the price of the house. 

One day I asked a friend who was always investing in expensive house furniture, residential design and always hiring The best interior designers in Miami, I told him “Julien, why do you spend so much money on that luxury Interior design of yours ? The answer was as smooth as Monica Bellucci’s charm, he replied “Well, it is that luxury interior design of mine that makes this house a home”.